Are you ready to finally write that book you’ve been thinking about? It’s not as difficult as it seems; especially if you can break it down into manageable tasks. 

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DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC

Have you desired to write that Devotional, Memoir, Novel, or Inspiration Manual for years, yet can't seem to make progress? We can help! Our knowledge and expertise in Ghostwriting, Indie-Publishing, and Graphic Design will provide you with the excellent support you need to get your story told.  Now!




Happy Day Beloved, I'm Desiree Harris-Bonner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, and I'm the managing partner and Spiritual midwife for emerging authors. It's a passion for me to see new authors be able to get their books from heart to paper to published. And so in this particular conversation I want to share with you the importance of sharing your testimony and getting your story told.


Going it alone?

In my many years of experience, what I've found working with indie authors is that they tend to try to go it alone, which is a huge mistake; because even though you're doing it yourself, doesn't mean that you have to do it by yourself. Many times, we just need support, whether you're trying to design your cover, formatting the interior, or need some editing assistance.



My favorite thing is to talk about the foreword, because a lot of people like to spell it "FORWARD" when it is not. It is "FOREWORD" which means it's a word before. You can have one person write it, or you can have several people write it; it's up to you. But, the person who writes the Foreword needs to be someone who is well-versed in whatever it is you're talking about, or they're someone who knows you... and knows that you are well-versed in what you're talking about.



Okay, now you're ready to get your book cover. This is the part most people are just really excited about… you have your content done, you have your editing done, and you're in the final proofread phase; really excited and ready to tell the world that your baby is coming.  It's important that you have an eye-catching cover design... So, you need to find a graphic designer who will really work with you to bring about, or enhance, your vision.



Having a ghostwriter does not automatically mean you can't write. It doesn't mean that you're not skilled, or that you don't know how to put pen to paper. Having a ghostwriter simply means that you're accepting assistance and support in what you're trying to do.




I want to talk to you for a few moments about the three critical things you need to do when engaging a ghostwriter; especially, if you're trying to decide whether you want to hire one or not.  Literally, the word "ghost" is the most important keyword in that name. Being a ghostwriter means that we are writing on your behalf. However, you are still the author... we don't exist to anyone else, but you!


an editor is your friend

Remember when we were in school, and you'd hand in your essay paper, only to get it back bloody with red ink everywhere? That's not what we're talking about. What we're discussing is giving your baby over to somebody who's going to bathe it, who's going to clean it up, who's going to take a look, and do a deep dive into the words you've written on paper. 



At DHBonner Virtual Solutions, part of our design process is to provide you with a concept of your design, following our initial discussion about the vision. A concept is simply a way of sharing our understanding of the image needed to not only meet specification requirements, but also to best represent your project. Once we agree on the concept, then we will begin perfecting the draft.



My biggest mistake as an emerging author was that I tried to write the entire book from beginning to end - all in one fell swoop - and if I couldn't get past this one point in my writing, then I stopped, and months would pass. Years would pass…

Press play and discover what I found out.



Ever wonder how a Ghostwriter infuses your 'voice' into the story, chapter, article, manuscript, or book? They do it, not by WRITING, but by TALKING with you.

A truly skilled Ghostwriter has the ability to listen to you as you're speaking; picking up on nuances, tone, words used, things you repeat. Not just WHAT you say... but HOW you say it.