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Elder D.H.Bonner, MBA; Managing Partner

Elder D.H.Bonner, MBA; Managing Partner


Who am I?

A GI Brat, I grew up living all over the world—Germany, Philippines, Okinawa—so I am not timid about new places, new faces, or new relationships. Indeed, it has gone a long way in helping me to collaboratively work with both individual writers and boutique publishers nationally and internationally.

As the Managing Partner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC, which was founded in 2012 after a huge company layoff following a 30-year career working for Fortune 20 Corporations, it has become my passion to operate as a Spiritual Midwife for Emerging Authors. And, my expertise will help make it possible for you to fully leverage and take advantage of expert services in the areas of Ghostwriting, Editing, and Book Creation and Design.

So, let me know what you're working on and I'll come alongside you to provide you with an advanced skill-set that will support you in birthing forth your book-baby! Want to know more? Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn; and like me on Facebook.

Each month WOBC features an exceptional Women-Owned Business entrepreneur. Each of these entrepreneurs has achieved success in their business venture. The November 2017 WOBC Spotlight of the month is Desireé Harris-Bonner, Managing Partner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC  Read more here:

Each month WOBC features an exceptional Women-Owned Business entrepreneur. Each of these entrepreneurs has achieved success in their business venture. The November 2017 WOBC Spotlight of the month is Desireé Harris-Bonner, Managing Partner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC

Read more here:

"Thank you to Desireé Harris-Bonner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC, to whom we gave full creative authority and a Holy Spirit inspired blank slate. The results are astounding and beyond my own imagination.

It was a pleasure working with you. It was proficient, timely, exciting and inspiring, my friend.

There isn't an Indie author out there that should go through this process alone. You are a one-stop-shop that yields professional results that can stand alongside any traditional publishing product on the shelves.

You put your FOOT in this one!"

~ Linda F. Williams, MSW

Certified Life Coach & Author of Whose Apple Is It, Anyway?

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"I started on a journey of writing a book not having a clue as to what I was getting into. Through a very special young lady who had just finished her first publication, I learned about DHBonner, LLC.

I could not be more pleased with the professionalism experienced working with DHBonner. Questions and concerns were taken care of before I could ask them. I have already referred a friend to DHBonner; I hope you will do the same for your writing & publishing needs."

~ Pat Greenleaf James; Author of The Air I Breathe

I would like to take a moment to share how much of a Satisfied Client I am of DHBonner. That's right I said CLIENT. See a Customer comes and goes, but a Client keeps coming back! The quality of work brings me back!

DHBonner took what I was asking for and created a unforgettable design! The response by email was literally within 9mins of me sending my request in. Follow-up questions were asked for clarity, ensuring what I wanted would be provided. She met all deadlines as promised and delivered a design I am well pleased with.

I recommend you contact DHBonner today! ~ Cheena H. Wright

Founder of Triple Empowerment Network

I had a vision. I didn't know how to make the vision a reality until DHBonner came along. The professionalism, the life, the love, the gift...all wrapped up in someone so amazing...who turned my words into a masterpiece of love, life and awesomeness.

I am forever grateful to you DHBonner for making my freshman author experience one that makes me excited about the next journey! ~ Melissa Holder

Poetess & Author of "Soul of the New Negro: Poetry from the Soul"

"Although we haven't met in person, it's like we've been knowing each other for years. The power of Social Media.

The book cover you designed for Discovering God's Will is a masterpiece. I look forward to many sales because of it's cover.

Thank you Elder DHBonner! I look forward to working with you on future projects."

~ Dr. Bobby Jennings, Sr.; Dr Bobby Jennings Ministries


"I couldn't have completed this journey of "An Ordinary Man With An Extraordinary God" alone. DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC was a God-send! From the beginning of my book project to the end, every step was accomplished with a spirit of Godly Wisdom and Excellence! I'm so grateful for the relationship that was born from our working together. I wish I could give you a 10 star rating! I look forward to the future projects, we will birth together for the Kingdom!" ~ Jimenez Bailey 

Speaker & Author of Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary God

"I would like to give my testimonial for this business! I am a completely satisfied client of DHBonner!

DHBonner walked me through the process of launching my first book and what a walk that was! Thank you so much for your expertise, creativity, patience and wisdom.

You are a God-send! ~ Lola Troy

Author of Monday Morning Meditations

Thank you to my graphic designer and spiritual midwife Desireé Harris-Bonner!

I appreciate you for your hard work and leadership on this book. Your wisdom, design, and advice to bring this "book baby"through was impeccable. I thank you for being the expert I needed, led by the Holy Spirit. ~ Rev. Tiffany Elder

Author of "DECREE: Declaring God's Word to Inspire, Empower, & Activate Your Life"

"Where do you start when you are connected with a Woman of God, who is so focused on the Kingdom, everything she touches and produces through her gifts is anointed beyond imagination. DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC has produced both of my book covers and there is no other word, but... phenomenal. I have received comments from all over the world. You not only will be blessed by their designs, but [also] by the Woman of God that is behind the business." ~ Jeffrey S. Moore

CEO, Founder, Owner & President at Healing Keys Ministry and Broadcasting & Author of Redemption: From Nothing to Eternal Life and Wisdom Keys for Men: A Devotional to Unlock Your Transformation To Becoming A Man Of God!



" amazing company to do business with. From graphic design to book creation services, this company has been phenomenal for my business needs. My projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule; the quality and proficiency exceeded my expectations. I recommend this company to anyone who needs assistance with business and ministry projects which will have a high level of quality and excellence." ~ Angel Barrino, CEO / Owner Angel B. Inspired, Inc.


"When writing a book, it's much like having your first baby; you don't know anything or what to expect.  I want to thank you Desiree for being a true MidWife and helping me birth my book baby. Your professionalism, patience, Grace and Spiritual discernment to guide me through was exceptional and your service was stellar. You have become such a part of my journey and you're stuck with me forever. Even if I have to write a thousand books :)

Thank you my forever Sister and MidWife ♥ ~ Shenea January

Author of The Journey with God; The Seasons You Will Experience And The Lessons I've Learned


Wonderful professional work.

Knowledgeable and consistent. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am sooo excited about the future of this current [project] and more.

Thanks so much for everything and I look forward to working with you again. ~ Stephanie D. Sanders

Vocalist and Author of "One More Day"