We operate as a #SpiritualMidwife for Emerging Authors by providing the services and support needed to self-publish your compelling story...

In Excellence!



Our premium writing service is a perfect way for those of you with a great book idea, but no writing skills or time, to get your words and expertise onto paper. 

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It is a joy to partner with you and take your amazing words through our multi-round editing and creative processes to manifestation of a perfected manuscript.

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book creation & design

We have extensive industry experience which enables us to skillfully craft the interior, cover, and promotional graphics that best represent your book-baby. 

Our PREMIER BOOK CREATION & dESIGN Package Begins at only $999*

  • Manuscript Critique

  • Premium Interior Design for Print or Digital (KDP) Publication

  • Custom Cover Design

  • Professional Proofreading

  • File upload to KDP (Amazon for POD or Kindle) or Ingramspark

  • Promotional Social Media Badge

  • Author Support

*Ghostwriting and Multi-round Editing Services available for an additional fee


ghostwriting services**

  • Professional Writing Support

  • Content / Manuscript Development

  • Multi-round Editing Services

  • Professional Proofread (of your final edited Manuscript)

  • Author Interviews and Coaching

**Can be Added to any Service Offering: Supplemental rate is $100 per 1K words | Standard rate is $250 per 1K words



  • Substantive Editing $100/3K words (Includes Developmental Edits as well as Line and Copy Edits)

  • Copy/Line Edit Only $50/3K words

  • Proofreading Only $35/3K words



  • Print Format, Layout, and Design: from $299

  • PDF eBook Format & Design: from $249

  • Digital Conversion to mobi or ePub from $149



PACKAGE 1: $349  

  • eBook / Catalog Cover

  • 3D Cover

  • Royalty Free Images

  • Commercial Fonts

PACKAGE 2: $499  

  • Package 1+

  • Full Cover Design

  • Promo Mockup

  • Promotional Social Media Badge

PACKAGE 3: $649 

  • Package 2+

  • Press Release Design -or- Social Media Cover

  • Bookmark Design

  • Social Media Cover Reveal

  • PSD Source File

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3D Promo Mockup.png
3D Promo Mockup IG.jpg
3D Promo Mockup.png
3D PROMO Mockup.png
3D PROMO.png
3D Mockup.png
3D Promo Mockup.png
3D Cover Mockup.jpg

                    Cover and Interior Design is What We Do!


Our process for designing custom covers, interiors, and promotional collateral is driven by your vision, our expertise, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We enjoy dressing your words and helping to present your story with attention-grabbing design - inside and out!

Here are a few samples of our work:

3D Promo.png
3D Promo Mockup.jpg
3D PROMO.png
3D Mockup.png
3D Mockup.jpg
3D PROMO Mockup.png
3D Cover DRAFT.png
3D Promo Mockup.png
3D Mockup.png
3D Promo Mockup.png