Need Information on how to transfer your print Titles on Createspace to Kindle Direct Publishing?


So... Amazon has begun transitioning their KDP for print (paperback) out of BETA and will be shutting down Createspace (an acquired company) in the future.

This means two things:

  1. For my firm, I will begin uploading my Client's print files directly onto KDP. We will no longer be putting them on Createspace as of September 1.
  2. Your catalog of Titles on Createspace will need to be moved over to KDP if you want to continue with that platform. If not, then you will need to place them on another P.O.D. (Print-on-Demand) platform, like Ingramspark) to get them onto Amazon.

Although there is no rush, and definitely no need to panic, you want to start planning this now. To transfer your print books from CS to KDP, there are just 3 simple steps:


To ensure you're moving the right books to KDP, confirm the CreateSpace account you want to transfer from.


To ensure you're moving your CreateSpace books to the right KDP account, confirm that it's the account you want to transfer to. If you don't have a KDP account, you need to create one during the transfer. (


Once you've made sure you're transferring from and to the right account, click Start your move. When we're done preparing your account for the move, you'll be redirected to your KDP Bookshelf, where the transfer will be finalized.


NEED MORE? Watch the Video below #PressPlay